August 22, 2014

A round of thanks to the businesses that helped to make the
school supply drive a success:

Christofferson Moving and Storage, Bridget's BeBella's Salon, and
Olson Signs.

Thanks to the volunteer hair stylists: Kari Olson, Rhonda Cleveland,
Wanda Pritchard, Arthur Kelly Beeler, Stacey Skalak, and Gary Jones. 

Many thanks to all of the volunteers!

This is what was accomplished.....
25 free haircuts, 120 glue sticks, 150 rulers, 65 pencil boxes, 700 spiral notebooks, 335 folders, 100 erasers, 150 pens, 55 pairs of scissors, 500 pencils, 10 book bags, 7 bags, 25 packs of index cards, 10 index card boxes, 60 bottles of glue, 40 packs of markers, 8 packs of highlighters, 16 paints, 4 packs of construction paper, 15 pencil sharpeners, 65 packs of loose leaf paper, 7 three hole binders, 410 boxes of crayons, a dictionary, 20 packs of socks/underwear, 21 boxes of colored pencils, 6 boxes of Kleenex, 20 compasses and 20 protractors.

Thanks to Sonya Baden for making this project such a successful start to our school year!


        Still Need School Supplies?
Here are the current supply lists by school